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U2 lay flowers at candlelit memorial in Paris, after the terrorist attack

15 Nov

U2 pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack, laying flowers near the scene of yesterday’s Bataclan Theatre terrorist attack.

Vigil: Bono and his U2 band-mates found themselves at a candlelit vigil in honour of the 129 people murdered in a terrorist rampage on Friday

The bamd has cancelled their concert in Paris, as The Foo Fighters also announced their decision not to headline the Bercy Arena on Saturday. Co ldplay also cancelled their Live Stream of a performance in Los Angeles on Friday, in the wake of the attacks.

Public mourning: The band made a point of expressing their sadness in view of the world's media 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3318180/U2-calls-Paris-terror-rampage-offers-sympathy-families-victims.html#ixzz3rYSyz8of